Saturday, December 29, 2007

Social Networks

Social Networks. It's a big hype now a days with this social networking thing. My Space, Facebook just to mention a few of the big ones. I think its a good idea i just don't think people are using it in the right way. I have seen persons that just keep adding people they don't even know to there list. And it keeps growing and growing. The thing is every one you add to your "friends" list can see all the information that you are posting , pictures, profile, everything.

Im not quite confy knowing that any one can just pop in and see all my photos. But then again that is the sharing aspect of the whole social networking thingie.
Once you sign in, you are prone to be seen by any one. So, unless you are willing to share all your info and let any one "see you", don't engage in these social networks.

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