Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Experience the Freedom

Most likely when you read this you will be reading under a Windows platform. Meaning you have Windows installed. Either Windows XP, an older version or even the new Vista. WOW, Vista. I to have Windows installed, bit for a long time i have been also using Linux. You must have heard about it. The Open Source operating system that is FREE.

What does this Open Source mean? It means that all the programming that took place to make the operating system is available to you, YES!!!! There is a whole community of persons who are dedicated to developing and making this OS stronger.

If you don't know yet, web servers are highly dominated by Linux Servers running the preferred application for this mater....Apache. Now a days with developments from linux on the desktop, it is rapidly becoming the desktop OS of choice.

It has been adopted as the official Os by many countries in South America, also in Russia and in China just to mention some. With its ease of installation and use and its vast driver database using Linux on the desktop is a breeze.

There are many distributions also know as flavors for Linux. Some of the top names are: Ubuntu, Fedora, Suse among others. I personally use Ubuntu, a fast growing distribution that has been made favorite by so many.

A great thing about linux is that you can try it without having to tinker with your already existing installation. There is an alternative called a "live CD", meaning that you can download a live cd of the flavor of your choice, burn it onto a cd or dvd. Then you can boot from that cd or dvd and you will be able to try Linux from there. The OS boots completely from the cd/dvd fully functional. Try it and when you are done, just take the cd/dvd out and boot as normal.

Take the time to experience some freedom.

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