Thursday, January 3, 2008

Three Kings Day!!!!!!

On January the 6th is Three Kings Day. Like Christmas in America, Santa brings gifts to all children that behave good, the Three kings also bring presents to all those who believe and have been good. Although not highly celebrated in North America, three Kings Day is highly celebrated here in Puerto Rico. With this celebration is the culmination of the 12 days of Christmas(thus the song says).

Tradition goes that all children on the 5th of January will pick grass and leave the grass in a shoe box for the camels to eat(similar to the cookies for Santa)at night time. Having done this they will go to bed, awaiting the arrival of the Three Kings with their presents. In the morning the children will be bewildered on how the camels ate the grass and left the presents. Its all part of the magic, that the Holidays bring.

Normally this day marks the end of the holiday season, but here in Puerto Rico we have extended the festivities another eight days. We call it "Las Octavitas". Here in the Island the Holidays are officially over, eight days after the Three Kings Day celebration. Many people still honor this tradition and continue making parties and celebrations. One of them being held in the Capital city of San Juan...."Las Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian"

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