Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tito Trinidad Looses

After much anticipation the moment had come. Tito vs Jones "Bring on the Titans". Waiting desperately, the bell rings...and they're on. Every one is cheering Tito Tito...looks like he is in good shape and we see him win the first round. Hurray, Tito Tito. Everyone very happy to see that Tito was winning the first 3 to 4 rounds. But all turns around. Jones puts into plan his game play.

Assuming the defense of what everyone agreed on, was the style of Winky Wright. Impenetrable!!! Tito did not find any way to get to the inside of Jones. Tito tried going to the body and to the head, and in all attempts Jones smiled, as if to say "your not doing anything to me kid". Jones was Sure that his size and speed were to much for Tito.

Knocking Tito down in the seventh and in the tenth rounds respectively, Tito needed to produce some sort of big shot that would result in a knock down. Although he boxed very well he did not box well enough to beat the greater Jones. Eventually, the unanimous decision for Roy Jones Jr..

It was clear that the Titans were great, bur not as great as they were in there earlier years. Jones proved to be the better man, but had he have been in his earlier years once he had knocked down Tito, he would have kept on going looking for the finish. Tito on the other hand seemed to lack that power his left hook once carried.

Never the less it was a "great fight". The type of fight that promoters produce to make money. Although we love the idea of a fight like this with two great warriors. We also know that it would not be as good as it would have been, had the fight taken place some 8 years ago.

Tito is or "was" a great fighter. And in my mind I believe that he should stay in retirement. Obviously boxers now have seen the style of fight that Tito cant beat. Winky did it and now Jones fought the same way. Maybe its a sign to say that his time has come.

Although when it comes to money, promoters and boxers as well, will do anything it takes to get it. As anyone else will do in their profession.

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