Monday, May 26, 2008

80's The Club

Went with my wife this weekend to hang-out, and decided to go to 80's The Club(in San Juan PR).Since we are from that wonderful time and love the 80's music, we gave it a shot. Got there, place was not so packed, which is good. Music was good, nice selection. I was hoping it was a little louder though. But what really hot me was the fact that the decoration was fairly poor. The club was set up on top of and older decoration of the previous club "Egipto".

So there you are dancing to the 80's in an Egyptian background. Kind of throws you off a bit. The only 80's theme there was, were some glitter from the ceiling and a few Disco Balls. So if you are in Puerto Rico and visit the club, I'd say that you will have a good time. But don't get confused when you see all the Egyptian decoration.

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angel said...

I am totaly agree and to improve look is important if they want to give a style him of 80' s. Nice comment....