Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nike Plus - The sensor in the shoe

Recently I took on running again. Just for the sake of good health. But i needed to track my runs in a more technical way than just jotting down my times. So when I went to the shoe store to get some new Sneakers I thought I would give it a try and get the Nike+. So I get the sneakers, now I need to buy the sensor that goes in the shoe, that would later sync with the ipod Nano. Yes just the Nano. Not the iPhone not the iTouch....just and only the Nano.

Once i git the shoes and the sensor, I went on to give it a try. Went to the track walked some 400 meters to do the more accurate calibration. Then the running begins. Turns out the its really cool. I can select a song and assign it as my power song, while im running whenever i need that power song for extra boost I just press and hold the center button of the nano, and the power song will kick in. While running I can just press the center button (no holding) and a configurable voice male or female will tell me how much have i ran and long has it taken. Very nice.

Once you have finished your run, you can sync your ipod and the data can be sent to a profile you can create at Here you can see graphically your runs and your progress. Its a great way to keep record. I give it 2 thumbs ups.

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